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Final decision, leaving deviantART

Journal Entry: Fri Mar 27, 2015, 11:55 AM
Alright. I had enough of this website. I'm packing my stuff and leaving this Hell.

Some of you may know I have an Izaya roleplay account, right? This one >> :iconx-izaya-x-orihara-x: and my boyfriend had as well.
First this :iconshizuo-heiwajimax:
Then this :iconshizuoheiwajimax:
And lastly :iconshizuo-heiwajimaxx:

Alright, I don't know what is freaking wrong with deviantART.

First account got banned for dealing with that Elizabeth, who was a God believer and was saying everyone who supports Homosexual stuff should burn in Hell and insulted everyone, even those who drew her gifts. He stood up and argued with her, for that some smart-ass white knight reported him and he got banned; which resulted his friend account to get banned, JUST because he was logging in the account from same IP address, because then he didn't have the Internet/computer.

Then he made a new one, got banned after some little amount of time for having more than one account.

Third account he made, finally when I begged him, he was there only for a month or two, and got banned just yesterday, for escaping the ban he got. Apparently the reason is that he got banned TWICE, he got banned for escaping the ban and making a new account.
Because of that, he was freaking flipping and crying... Honestly deviantART, you have no heart.

I couldn't leave him so sad so I made another Shizuo account, :iconxshizuoheiwajimax: last night it was made and just recently it got banned as well, for having similar name to older ones. Seems the staff caught him logging in that account from his IP address.

Well you know what? Fuck you deviantART.

I send letters, asking for un-ban his recent account, before I made the last one, and they answered with they will talk with the owner of the account directly.
Here is my message to them.

Hello deviantART staff.

Okay seriously, I don't understand, why you band my friend SECOND time from deviantart?
First time banned him for fighting against a cyber-bully, now banned him second time for returning back to deviantART, just because he stood up for innocent ones and fought against a hater?

Seriously dA staff, why you keep banning innocent people?
Please, I ask you kindly, activate Shizuo-HeiwajimaXX, he didn't do a single thing!
You staff just send bans to left and right, not even talking to people.

I've been on dA for 5 years, I know all the rules, but excuse me, this is just pure, excuse for the language, bullshit, of what you do to members. It makes it seem you don't give a damn for anyone.

And here is their response.

Thank you for contacting DeviantArt, I will be assisting you with your support ticket.

I am sorry but we cannot discuss a ban or suspension given to another member with anyone other than the person who received that action. For one, our privacy policy does not allow it but also we must be able to directly speak with that person so that they can properly understand the action taken against them.

Please encourage this person to contact us directly if they have not already done so and someone will speak with them once their ticket comes up in the queue.

...I seriously want to laugh at "action taken against them"... What action FOR FUCKS SAKE!? That he stood up against a cyber-bully? That his friend just used his computer to log in on his account? For getting back on deviantART because their friend asked? For roleplaying? For fucking coming here in the first place because thought this community is interesting, fun, and amazing?


I'm tired of this bullshit. If you wish to ban my friend - fine, be that way. You can ban my account as well. I DON'T GIVE A FUCK. It just proves you admins don't give a shit about your members and keep them in fear from getting banned and loosing everything they have posted here and made friends. Instead of banning those new members who post pictures of their private parts, aka breasts, vaginas and penises, taken on a webcam, you ban INNOCENT people who help others. And also delete artworks containing mature content, while having a lot of naked people photos over your website. You just close your eyes on everything and it makes me sick. Sick to my stomach, you hear me?

I bet I'm not the only one like this... I'm not gonna deactivate my account, no. I'll keep it active and let people see this journal. See what scums you are for doing this. I'm just gonna do like my friend did 3 years ago; just leave account hanging here and go on another website to improve my drawings. I can send the two last commissions to people personally.
I don't need deviantART to improve. I need understanding people, mostly understanding admins to improve, not shaking in fear I will get banned one day. So I'm just gonna leave somewhere else. And mark my words, deviantART, one day you will loose ALL your members and be the worst art community website. ...though you're already half way there...

Oh, and yes. If you delete this journal or ban me after I post it, it means you are cowards and don't want other members to see what people you truly are. Am just disappointed that the first community I loved and wished to be apart of and draw for it, has turned into something that is controlled by bans and some fucking fucked up rules.

Am honestly disappointed in you, deviantART.

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